La minorenne

La minorenne (The minor) is a 1974 Italian commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Silvio Amadio.[1] The author Adriano Tentori referred to the film as "a piece of 1970s fashion history, where the sexy body of Gloria Guida performs masterfully".[2]

La minorenne
Directed bySilvio Amadio
Written byMarino Onorati
StarringGloria Guida
Music byRoberto Pregadio
CinematographyAntonio Maccoppi
Release date


A young woman walking along a country road is menaced, then attacked by circling motorcyclists. A well-groomed man in a trench coat watches.

Later, she is in the care of some nuns at what appears to be a girls' school, where we find out her name is Valeria. She receives a medical examination, during which her vision blurs. She likes the young doctor, and they kiss. While they are kissing, the other schoolgirls burst into the room. They subdue the doctor, much to her amusement, and tear his clothes off. They do something apparently very painful to him using a pair of forceps. The same well-groomed, trenchcoated gentleman reappears. It may have all been a daydream.

Later, the girls give a young nun a hard time by being unruly in the woods. The young nun chases Valeria, who takes pity on her when she collapses under a tree to catch her breath. They sit together and talk, but are reprimanded by an older nun, who seems to have rounded up the other girls. The young nun is dismissed and the older nun scolds the young woman, who proceeds to lean against a tree and daydream about a bishop and some nuns who tie her to a St. Andrew's cross and lash her with a whip. She is rescued by the young nun, who seizes the whip and chases away the others, and then she is joined by the schoolgirls, all wearing corsets. The daydream is apparently interrupted when the trenchcoated man inevitably reappears.

After a graduation ceremony, she travels to the villa of her well-to-do father. Fitting back into family life, she meets a beachcomber artist, a pair of wacky priests, and a cast of other local characters, and is caught up in their various intrigues, many of which manage to result in various states of undress. At the end, she is seemingly reconciled with the pleasures of nature and with casual country living.



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