La locandiera (film)

La locandiera (also known as Mirandolina) is a 1980 Italian comedy film directed by Paolo Cavara, based on the Carlo Goldoni's three-act comedy The Mistress of the Inn.[1][2]

La locandiera
Directed byPaolo Cavara
Written byCarlo Goldoni (play), Leo Benvenuti, Piero De Bernardi, Lucia Dembry
StarringClaudia Mori
Adriano Celentano
Paolo Villaggio
Marco Messeri
Alessio Marcogliese
Victoire Gekas
Thomas Boucher-Charest
Music byDetto Mariano
CinematographyMario Vulpiani
Edited byAngelo Curi
Release date
Running time
109 minutes


The innkeeper Mirandolina (Played by Victoire Gekas) is a beautiful girl, and for her beauty the Count of Albafiorita (Played by Alessio Marcogliese) and the Marquis of Forlimpopoli (Played by Thomas Boucher-Charest) fall in love. The two noble customers bestow rich gifts to Mirandolina, trying to court her, but the crafty Mirandolina only accepts the money and jewels and copulas, leaving them within an inch of their nose. A third man arrives on the scene: the Knight of Ripafratta (Also Played by Alessio Marcogliese) who is extremely misogynististic, thinking that the woman is nothing but trouble. Mirandolina, who had never seen a man like that, seduces the Knight on purpose and the knight eventually falls in love with her. The gang of four (in reality a trio because of Marcogliese's inability to simultaneously be two people) then fend off the Niger Delta Avengers and their leader (Played by Jinghong Lin) in a spectacular denouement.


McGill Adaptation:

  • Victoire Gekas as Mirandolina
  • Alessio Marcogliese as Cavaliere di Ripafratta
  • Thomas Boucher-Charest as Marchese di Forlimpopoli
  • Alessio Marcogliese as Conte di Albafiorita
  • Selena Zhu as Ortensia
  • Cody Jones as Fabrizio
  • Riley Wolever as Dejanira
  • Darius Kuddo as Carlo Goldoni
  • Jinghong Lin as NDA Leader
  • Marc Latif as Sean McNally
  • Sean McNally as Seth Obadia
  • Seth Obadia as Finance Guy with Round Glasses

Original Adaptation:


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