La liga de los 5

La liga de los 5 (Spanish: The league of 5) is an upcoming Mexican animated superhero film, produced by Ánima Estudios and directed by Marvick Núñez.[1][2][3] The film stars the Spanish voices of Regina Blandón and Mariana Treviño among others.[4]

La liga de los 5
SpanishLa liga de los 5
Directed byMarvick Núñez
Produced byJosé C. García de Letona
Fernando De Fuentes
Written byAcán Coen
Luis Antonio González Ávalos
David Israel
Andrew Foley
Music byPablo Borghi
Edited byRhen Fontaine
Distributed byVideocine
Release date
  • January 10, 2020 (2020-01-10)

The film is scheduled for release in Mexico on January 10, 2020.[4]


Chema must enlist the help of the legendary "Liga de los 5" superheroes in order to rescue his kidnapped sister, and stop the evil plans of Tin Marin.

Voice cast


The film uses the 2D animation format, combining both traditional and tween-style techniques, making it the first original 2D feature production from Ánima Estudios outside of their Leyendas franchise since 2012.


Pablo Borghi has composed music for the film with an orchestral performance in Bratislava, Slovakia.[7]


The film's teaser trailer was shown during screenings of Dia de Muertos (Salma's Big Wish), before being released online on 11 November 2019.[8]


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