La Voz Peru

La Voz Peru (English: The Voice of Peru) is a Peruvian reality talent show that premiered on Frecuencia Latina in 2013. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol.[1]

La Voz Peru
GenreTalent show
Created byJohn de Mol
Presented by
Country of originPeru
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes190
Production location(s)Lima, Peru
Running time120 min.
Original networkFrecuencia Latina
Original releaseOriginal:
September 30, 2013 – December 18, 2015
Expected 2020
Related showsThe Voice (TV series)
The Voice Kids (Peru)


The voice format was devised by John de Mol, creator of Big Brother, and unlike other singing talent shows because only the voice potential will be evaluated without giving importance to physical appearance of the participants.

This is a foreign format, produced in different parts of the world with great success in 2011. Peru will voice a jury of four professionals who back the participants will hear them sing. When one of them like what they hear, the famous jury in question will press a button and your chair will turn, making it the "godfather" of the contestant.

The novelty of this show is the dynamics of the program. Unlike other contests of song, this version added an ingredient jurors, who will be four remain turned on during the performance of the participants. Thus, only from the voice, each judge will select what participants want for your team.

Thus, the contest will be divided into different phases: the instance of "blind" song, the selection and the duel between teams prepared for special galas shows and live performance.


The voice Peru is to choose between a group of contestants of different ages to those who stand out for their vocal qualities without its image influence the decision of the jury, composed of well-known artists who later directed their education. The purpose of this format is to try to find the best voice of Peru.

Blind Auditions

In the blind auditions each coach will choose his team of contestants using only the sense of hearing and unable to see them. With just one minute, the judge must decide whether it wants to the participant for his team or not. In the event that several judges wish the same contestant, the last word will the participant. Once formed the four teams, each judge will be responsible for train and so the format reaches the second phase.

Battle Round

In phase of Battles, each coach will face two or three participants from the same team, playing the same song. Both singers should shine in a duet or trio and the judge will decide which of the two is the winner of the duel, or if the judge is a trio elect two. The winners of these battles, will advance to the next stage. Thus, nine participants from each judge will hit solo live performances.

Sing Off

In Sing Off, Every coach must save six participants to send them directly to the live shows so that the three missing have to sing in front of the coach the song performed in blind auditions, this thus, the coach will save two and will have to eliminate the other in order to reach the live show with eight participants each team.

Live Shows

In the live shows, each coach will assess eight finalists in a week each, first will face four one save the coach and the rest will go to telephone vote, and the public will save one and the coach will save to another. After this dynamic again repeat that every coach has 4 participants. Fifth stage: In the end, they not only present songs, but each finalist will perform a duet with her coach. The final word will the public, which enshrine one of the four finalists in the voice Peru.


Despite showing to be a superior singer, Irene Ramos was eliminated by Claudia Serpa . A tremendous battle was experienced in La Voz Peru. Claudia Serpa and Irene Ramos engaged in a duel of talents in the last edition of the phase of 'The Battles' in show.

When many thought that Irene Ramos took the battle, the Puma came out with an unexpected decision and chose to choose Claudia Serpa, who did not think of being the winner of the battle. [2]

Also, the elimination of Andrea Ramos and Johnny Lau from La Voz Perú not only caused surprise, it also generated controversy among the followers of the Frecuencia Latina show, which he reached its end on Friday, December 20, 2013.Johnny and Andrea were favorites to get to the final. However, the votes of the public decided that the young representative of the team of Eva Ayllón, does not continue in competition. In the same way, Lau, from the Kalimba team, had to step aside when he was defeated by his opponent, Claudio Urrutia. Also, Manu Carrera, another of the participants who for his talent was worthy of the flattery of the jury, was out of the competition. On Twitter, the reactions were diverse. Mostly against these results. [3]

The Ramos twins elimination in the first season of the voice was considered to be controversial due the popularity of the duo, as they were considered to be the sensation of the show [4]

Coaches and hosts

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, the official list of the four coaches of La Voz Peru was released, including Puerto Rican singer Jerry Rivera, Mexican pop singer Kalimba, Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" and Peruvian singer Eva Ayllón. The panel was reinstalled for the series' second season in 2014.

On Monday, August 10, 2015, the new official list of the four coaches of La Voz Peru was released, including Nicaraguan singer Luis Enrique, Mexican rock singer Alex Lora, Peruvian singers Gian Marco Zignago and Ayllón.

On 16 November 2018, it was announced that José Luis Rodríguez, Jerry Rivera and Eva Ayllón would return for the series' fourth season, while the fourth coach is not announced yet.[5]

1 2 3 4
Eva Ayllón
Jerry Rivera
José Luis Rodríguez
Alex Lora
Luis Enrique
Gian Marco Zignago

Coaches Teams

     – Winner
     – Runner-up
     – Third place
     – Fourth place
Eva Ayllón Jerry Rivera Kalimba José Luis Rodríguez
1 Javier Arias
Aldo Riccio
Stephanie Chaparro
Leo Rengifo
Karolina Cruz
Alejandra Alfaro
Jeremy Gómez
Cielo Torres
Michael Abanto
Fico Mau
Claudio Urrutia
Silvana Del Campo
Daniel Lazo
Alejandro Guerrero
Claudia Serpa
Jhonatan Sánchez
2 Ronald Arteta
Noelia Calle
Maricruz Bisso
Raúl Fernandez
Rubi Palomino
Glenizaida Almánzar
Renzo Vásquez
Gabriela Zambrano
Teresa Medrano
Miguel Laporte
Álvaro Rivera
Angélica Pineda
Martin Tremolada
Juliana Molina
José Gaona
Cristian Tasilla
Eva Ayllón Luis Enrique Alex Lora Gian Marco Zignago
3 Jair Mendoza
Ángela Begazo
Robinson Vidal
Pamela Abanto
Jairo Tafur
Roberto Herrera
Cedric Vidal
Kate Higa
Yamilet de la Jara
Franco Cáceres
Steph Red
Jefferson Tadeo
Susan Ochoa
Diego Chavez
Luis Alcazar
Grecia Cadillo
Eva Ayllón Jerry Rivera Kalimba José Luis Rodríguez

Season summary

Colour key

Season Premiere Finale Winner Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Winning coach Presenter Coaches (order)
1 2 3 4
1 September 30, 2013 December 20, 2013 Daniel Lazo Javier Arias Michael Abanto Karolina Cruz José Luis Rodríguez Cristian Rivero Diego Ubierna Puma Kalimba Jerry Eva
2 September 23, 2014 December 19, 2014 Ruby Palomino Martin Tremolada Teresa Medrano Ronald Arteta Jerry Rivera Eva Kalimba
3 September 27, 2015 December 18, 2015 Yamilet de Jara Susan Ochoa Jairo Tafur Jair Mendoza Alex Lora Jesús Alzamora Alex Luis Eva Gian
4 February 26, 2020 May 31, 2020 TBA Kalimba Jerry Puma

Kids Edition

La voz Kids Perú was a Peruvian singing competition produced by Rayo in collaboration with Talpa Media and aired on Frecuencia Latina since January 13, 2014. After the success of La voz Perú, Frecuencia Latina channel launched an advertising spot preparing a children's version, which had already been broadcast in other countries under the format of The Voice Kids. The Peruvian La voz Kids began recorded in November 2013. The show focuses on choosing between a group of children from 8 to 14 years old that stand out for their vocal qualities with their look not influence the decision of the coaches, made up of well-known artists who later mentor them. It is hosted by Cristian Rivero and co-hosted by Almendra Gomelsky. The coaches are Peruvian folklore singer Eva Ayllón, Mexican pop singer Kalimba and Peruvian pop singer Anna Carina. Luis Enrique replaced Kalimba in the third season. After season 3 ended, the channel was in negotiations to renew the series for a season 4, but to no avail. As of November 2019, the channel nowadays known as Latina Televisión has yet to reconsider a fourth season.

Season overview

Color key

Season Start Finish Winner Runners-up Winning coach Presenters Coaches (order)
1 2 3 4
1 January 13, 2014 February 3, 2014 Amy Gutiérrez Valeria Zapata Sebastián Reategui No Fourth Finalist Kalimba Cristian Rivero Almendra Gomelsky Eva Kalimba Anna No Fourth Coach
2 January 22, 2015 March 2, 2015 Sofía Hernández Fabrizio Gálvez D'angelo Perez
3 January 11, 2016 February 12, 2016 Nicolás Parra Nicole Rosa Úrsula Eyzaguirre Anna Carina Luis
4 April 2,
May 31,
TBA Kalimba


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