La Vallée des Singes

La Vallée des Singes ("The Valley of the Monkeys") is a primate park in Romagne, France.

La Vallée des Singes
LocationRomagne, France
Coordinates46.24270°N 0.2896°E / 46.24270; 0.2896


La Vallée des Singes was founded by Wim Mager who had previously founded the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands in 1971, which is the first free-roaming primate park in the world. The park, well known for its three species of great ape, first obtained gorillas in 1998, and first obtained its chimpanzees from the TNO in 2004. La Vallée des Singes is famous for its group of bonobos; with the largest group in captivity as of 2016 numbering at 20 individuals. The zoo has had five successful births for this critically endangered species.


As of 2016, the park is home to 32 species of primate, including


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