La Tuque (urban agglomeration)

The Urban agglomeration of La Tuque is an urban agglomeration in Quebec, in Canada, that consists of:

The actual agglomeration consists of the elements of the amalgamated city of La Tuque as it existed after amalgamation on March 26, 2003, including the two municipalities that chose to de-merge on January 1, 2006.

It differs from the census division of La Tuque in that the latter also contains three Indian reserves, namely:


The agglomeration of La Tuque succeeded to the regional county municipality of Haut-Saint-Maurice. The latter was created in 1982 from part of the County's of Champlain, of Quebec of Saint-Maurice and of Abitibi. Le Haut-Saint-Maurice was dissolved during the merger of all municipalities in 2003 to create the city of La Tuque. Following the referendum on recreating La Bostonnais and Lac-Édouard, the agglomeration of La Tuque was created to allow municipalities to manage in common some competencies.

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