La Salle Explorers men's soccer

The La Salle Explorers men's soccer team is a varsity intercollegiate athletic team of La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.[2] The team is a member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, which is part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I. La Salle's first men's soccer team was fielded in 1949. The team plays its home games at McCarthy Stadium. The Explorers are coached by Pat Farrell.

La Salle Explorers men's soccer
UniversityLa Salle University
Head coachPat Farrell (30th season)
LocationPhiladelphia, PA
StadiumMcCarthy Stadium
(Capacity: 7,500)
ColorsBlue and Gold[1]
NCAA Tournament appearances
Conference Regular Season championships
1984, 1985, 1987
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Season Coach Overall Conference Standing Postseason
La Salle (Independent) (1949–1983)
1949 3–4–1
La Salle (MAAC[3]) (1984–1991)
1984 7–10–25–1–11st
1985 10–6–36–0–11st
1986 10–7–23rd
1987 Pat Farrell 11–6–26–1–0T–1st
1988 Pat Farrell 10–8–35–1–12nd
1989 Pat Farrell 10–6–04–1–02nd, South
1990 Pat Farrell 11–10–16–2–02nd
1991 Pat Farrell 11–7–16–2–02nd
MAAC Total: 80–60–1432–8–3
La Salle (Independent) (1992–1994)
1992 Pat Farrell 9–10–2
1993 Pat Farrell 1–16–2
1994 Pat Farrell 11–8–0
Independent Total: 21–34–4
La Salle (Atlantic 10 Conference[4]) (1995–present)
1995 Pat Farrell 10–7–25–4–25th
1996 Pat Farrell 12–5–27–2–22nd
1997 Pat Farrell 10–9–17–4–03rd
1998 Pat Farrell 3–13–12–8–110th
1999 Pat Farrell 8–10–05–6–0T–7th
2000 Pat Farrell 2–13–01–9–011th
2001 Pat Farrell 6–9–24–6–18th
2002 Pat Farrell 8–10–16–5–06th
2003 Pat Farrell 5–11–33–8–0T–9th
2004 Pat Farrell 10–8–16–5–06th
2005 Pat Farrell 6–9–43–4–29th
2006 Pat Farrell 7–9–23–5–19th
2007 Pat Farrell 6–11–14–5–0T–8th
2008 Pat Farrell 2–14–31–8–014th
2009 Pat Farrell 6–10–32–5–211th
2010 Pat Farrell 9–7–36–2–12nd
2011 Pat Farrell 7–9–44–2–34th
2012 Pat Farrell 10–7–34–4–17th
2013 Pat Farrell 8–8–45–2–14th
2014 Pat Farrell 7–9–33–3–2T–6th
2015 Pat Farrell 6–10–22–5–111th
2016 Pat Farrell 10–8–15–3–03rd
A10 Total: 148–198–4583–100–20

      National champion         Postseason invitational champion  
      Conference regular season champion         Conference regular season and conference tournament champion
      Division regular season champion       Division regular season and conference tournament champion
      Conference tournament champion

NCAA Tournament results

La Salle has appeared in one NCAA tournament.

Year Record Seed Region Round Opponent Results
1978 8–4–1 N/A Temple First Round Philadelphia U L 1–5[5]


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