La Casa del Buon Ritorno

La Casa del Buon Ritorno (transl.The House of Good Returns) is a 1986 Italian film written and directed by Beppe Cino.

La casa del buon ritorno
Directed byBeppe Cino
Produced by
  • Remo Angioli
  • Beppe Cino[1]
Screenplay byBeppe Cino[1]
Story byBeppe Cino[1]
StarringAmanda Sandrelli
Music byCarlo Siliotto[1]
CinematographyAntonio Minutolo[1]
Edited byEmanuele Foglietti[1]
Moviemachine S.r.l.[1]
Distributed byC.R.C./Real Film
Release date
Running time
91 minutes[1]


A little girl is pushed off a balcony to her death, and her murderer is never found. Fifteens years later, a young man named Luca and his fiancée Margit return to the house for a visit. Memories start returning slowly to Luca, and he begins to unravel the mystery of who killed the little girl. A strange woman named Ayesha turns up and unnerves Luca. Then murders begin to occur.


  • Amanda Sandrelli as Margit
  • Stefano Gabrini as Luca
  • Lola Ledda as Lola
  • Fiammetta Carena as Ayesha
  • Francesco Costa as Bruno
  • Eleonora Salvadori as Luca's mother
  • Stanis Ledda (as Luca as a boy)
  • Elvira Castellano


La Casa del Buron Ritorno was budgeted at 300 million Italian lire and was shot in 12 days on 16mm film in and around Rome.[1][2] Actress Amanda Sandrelli commented that the film was shot quickly, "like pulling a tooth".[2]


La Casa del Buon Ritorno was released at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 1986.[1][3] It was distributed theatrically in Italy by C.R.C./Real Film on 13 February 1987.[1] The film was never dubbed into English and did not receive any theatrical release in the United States or United Kingdom.[3]


The film received negative reviews on its initial premiere.[3] Lietta Tornabuoni in La Stampa stated that the film was "below an acceptable professional level" and that Stefano Gabrini could not act.[3][4][5] Maurizio Porro of Corriere della Sera stated that the film was not clear whether the film wanted to be a "thriller, a horror, a love story. ... or an analysis sessions: however, the unpleasant thing is that it seems something already seen, and it wishes to remain deliberately obscure."[3][4][6]

Robert Firsching of AllMovie later described the film as an "atmospheric giallo" that "plays with the theme a bit more cleverly than most."[7] The review noted it recycled elements from older films such as Deep Red, Formula for a Murder and Onibaba but that the film was a "clever combination of rip-off and synthesis which has always been a hallmark of the national cinema, creates a unique, seemingly original story."[7]



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