La Boca Formation

The La Boca Formation is a geological formation in Tamaulipas state, northeast Mexico. It dates back to the Early Jurassic, concretely the Pliensbachian stage epoch.[2][3]

La Boca Formation
Stratigraphic range: Early Jurassic, Pliensbachian [1]
TypeGeological formation
UnderliesLa Joya Formation
OverliesHuizachal Formation

Fossil record

Vertebrate fauna

Vertebrates of the La Boca Formation
Genus Species Location Stratigraphic position Abundance Notes Images


B. tamaulipensis[1]

A basal Mammaliaform[1]

Bocatherium[4] Williston proposed the Sphenodontia to include only tuatara and their closest fossil relatives in 1925.[4]

B. mexicanum[4]

A Tritylodontid[4]

Unnamed Ceratosaur[3]

Unnamed Crocodyliforms[4]


C. huizachalensis

A Sphenodont


D. weintraubi

A Pterosaur

Indeterminate Heterodontosaurid remains[5]


H. wiblei[1]

A Gobiconodont[1]

Possible indeterminate Sauropod remains[3]

Unnamed Mammaliaforms (IGM 6622,IGM 6855, and IGM 6856)[1]


S. jimmysjoyi[6]

A venomous Sphenodont[6]


T. morenoi

A strange burrowing Diapsid

Indeterminate Theropod remains[3]


V. inaequalis[1]

A Triconodontid[1]


Z. ejidoensis

A dwarf Sphenodont

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