L (Néry) Battery Royal Horse Artillery

L (Néry) Battery Royal Horse Artillery is the Tactical Group Battery of 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.[1]

L (Néry) Battery Royal Horse Artillery
Active4 October 1809  present
Country United Kingdom
Allegiance Hon East India Coy (till 1858)
 United Kingdom (post 1858)
Branch British Army
Part of3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
AnniversariesNéry Day 1 September
Battle honoursUbique

Previous role

The Battery became a Tactical Group Battery in 2005, with its guns firing their last rounds in Otterburn in February 2005.

  • 2006 – L/N (Nery) Battery (The Eagles Troop) RHA split to reform separately as L and N Batteries. N Battery returned to 3 RHA to become their Tactical Group Battery and L Battery became 1 RHA’s Tactical Group Battery – supporting the HCR, 1st Mech Bde Formation Reconnaissance Regiment.

Battery structure

L (Nery) Battery are known as a Tactical Group Battery and they consist of approximately 30 personnel:

  • Battery Commanders FOO Party
  • FOO Party A - Commanded by the Battery Captain
  • FOO Party B - Commanded by a Captain.
  • Battery Commanders Tac Group


L (Nery) Battery are currently equipped with CVRT, rather the Warrior OPV. They have Forward Air Controllers in each team.



L (Nery) Battery were formed in India in 1809 as 3rd Troop The Bengal Horse Artillery.

19th century

  • 1857 - The Battery was distinguished with service in the Indian Mutiny, when in action on 7 July 1857, Gunner William Connolly who was repeatedly injured, refused to leave his post on the gun. He was awarded L Battery's first Victoria Cross.
  • 1889 - the Battery was renamed L Battery Royal Horse Artillery.

World War One

World War Two

L (Nery) Battery served with distinction during WW2 in North Africa and Italy.

Cold War

L (Nery) Battery also deployed to Palestine, Malaya, and Cyprus and Northern Ireland.

Recent and current conflicts

Northern Ireland

L (Nery) Battery deployed to Northern Ireland

Persian Gulf War

Elements of the Battery also served in Operation Granby in the Persian Gulf.

Balkan Wars

  • 1993 – L Battery joined 1 RHA in Assaye Barracks Tidworth Camp when 2 Regt RA (formerly 2 RHA) disbanded.
  • 1999- The Battery amalgamated with N Battery (The Eagle Troop) RHA to become L/N (Néry) Battery (The Eagle Troop) RHA.

The Battery served in the Balkans.

Operation TELIC in Iraq

  • 2004 - L / N Battery served in Iraq on Op TELIC 4.

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