LNK (television station)

LNK (Laisvas ir nepriklausomas kanalas) is a commercial television channel operating in Lithuania and owned by MG Baltic Media. It is a free to air TV channel targeted towards Lithuanian audience. It mainly broadcasts local entertainment, dubbed movies, lifestyle shows and news.

OwnerMG Baltic Media
Key people
Zita Sarakienė, CEO
Launch date
5 May 1995
Official website

Over 1 million people watch LNK every day.[1]


LNK was launched on 5 May 1995 and mainly retransmitted Russian programs from ORT (Now Channel One Russia). In 1996, they were replaced by original content. In 1996, LNK opened its headquarters in Vilnius. In 2003, the channel was bought by MG BALTIC GROUP.[2] In 2012, LNK switched to Digital television.

In November 2018, LNK launched a high-definition channel, LNK HD.[3]

Sister channels

LNK is a part of LNK TV GROUP, the group consists of 5 TV channels:

LNK Group accounts for 28,4 % of Lithuania's TV market.[4]


Lithuanian programs

Entertainment shows:

  • KK2 and KK2 Penktadienis
  • Lietuvos balsas (The Voice of Lithuania)
  • Lietuvos balsas. Vaikai. (The Voice of Lithuania. Kids)
  • Lietuvos balsas. Senjorai. (The Voice of Lithuania. Senior)
  • Šokio revoliucija

Lifestyle shows:

  • Nuo... iki.
  • Bus visko

Talk shows:

  • Valanda su Rūta

News programs:

  • LNK žinios
  • Labas vakaras, Lietuva

Foreign programs



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