L. William O'Connell

L. William O'Connell (sometimes credited as L.W. O'Connell, and nicknamed "Connie") was an American cinematographer who worked in Hollywood for decades, beginning during the silent era.[1] He frequently worked with directors Howard Hawks and William K. Howard.[2][3][4][5]

L. William O'Connell
Lewis William O'Connell

July 31, 1890
Chicago, Illinois, USA
DiedFebruary 1985 (aged 94)
Los Angeles, California, USA
Spouse(s)Joyce Burns


William was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Lewis O'Connell and Caroline Stumpf. He appears to have started his career as a cinematographer around 1918, although he left Los Angeles for a time while serving in World War I, working as an army photographer in Siberia.[6] By 1930, he was the head cameraman at Fox.[7] He married Joyce Burns, a Busby Berkeley dancing girl, and the pair had a son, Lew, together, who became a sound editor in the film industry.[8]

Selected filmography


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