L'Echo is a Belgian business newspaper, published by Mediafin and mainly distributed in Wallonia and Brussels. It is the French counterpart of the Flemish daily De Tijd which is its sister paper.

TypeDaily business newspaper
FormatBerliner format
Founded22 May 1881 (1881-05-22)
Circulation18,736 (second half of 2012)
Sister newspapersDe Tijd

History and profile

L'Echo was first published on 22 May 1881.[1] The paper is owned by Mediafin which is also the owner of the Flemish business daily De Tijd.[2] Both papers offer financial and economic news.[3]

L'Echo is headquartered in Brussels.[1] In March 2012 it began to be published in Berliner format.[3]


L'Echo sold 260,000 copies in 1990.[4] The paper had a circulation of 28,765 copies and a market share of 4.5% in 2002.[5] The paper had a 18,736 copies in the second half of 2012.[1]


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