Lü Yue

Lü Yue (simplified Chinese: 吕乐; traditional Chinese: 呂樂, born December 1957) is a Chinese cinematographer and film director.

Lü Yue
BornDecember 1957 (age 6162)
ResidenceTianjin, China
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
OccupationCinematographer, film director
Years active1982 - present
AwardsLAFCA Award for Best Cinematography
1995 Shanghai Triad
NYFCC Award for Best Cinematography
1995 Shanghai Triad
Golden Leopard
1998 Mr. Zhao
Tokyo Special Jury Prize
2006 Thirteen Princess Trees
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese呂樂
Simplified Chinese吕乐

Early life

In December 1957, Lu was born in Tianjin, China.


Lü is today among the most important cinematographers of recent Chinese cinema, and is particularly well known for his collaborations with director Zhang Yimou with whom he served as director of photography in three films. Lü was nominated for an Academy Award for best cinematographer for Zhang's film Shanghai Triad. He has also served as cinematographer for other Fifth Generation directors such as Tian Zhuangzhuang (for 1985's On the Hunting Ground) as well as for older directors, such as Huang Shuqin (for 1994's A Soul Haunted by Painting). More recently he served as cinematographer for actress Joan Chen's directorial effort, Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl, a film in which he also played a small part as the titular character's father.

Lü has also found measured success as director; his debut film, Mr. Zhao, was well-received, winning the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival.


As cinematographer

Year English Title Chinese Title Director
1985 On the Hunting Ground 猎场扎撒 Tian Zhuangzhuang
1987 Buddha's Lock 天菩萨 Yim Ho
1994 A Soul Haunted by Painting 画魂 Huang Shuqin
1994 To Live 活着 Zhang Yimou
1995 Shanghai Triad 摇啊摇,摇到外婆桥 Zhang Yimou
1997 Keep Cool 有话好好说 Zhang Yimou
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl 天浴 Joan Chen
1999 A Beautiful New World 美丽新世界 Shi Runjiu
2000 Breaking the Silence 漂亮妈妈 Sun Zhou
2002 For All Eternity 芬妮的微笑 Hu Mei
2003 The Legend of the Evil Lake NA Lee Kwang-hoon
2007 Assembly 集结号 Feng Xiaogang
2008 Red Cliff 赤壁 John Woo
2008 If You Are the One 非诚勿扰 Feng Xiaogang
2010 Aftershock 唐山大地震 Feng Xiaogang

As director

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1986-1987 Nujiang, La Vallée Perdue 怒江,一条丢失的峡谷 Best Film of 1990 Paris Anthropology Film Festival
1998 Mr. Zhao 赵先生 Golden Leopard at Locarno
2003 The Foliage 美人草
1999-2006 The Obscure 小说
2006 Thirteen Princess Trees 十三棵泡桐 Special Jury Prize at Tokyo



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