Kyushu Hikoki

The Kyūshū Hikōki K.K. (九州飛行機, Kyūshū Aircraft Company Ltd) was a Japanese manufacturer of military aircraft during World War II. While it mainly manufactured other firms' designs, it was notable for the radical J7W "Shinden" fighter. Named after Kyushu island where the company was based.

The company originated from Fukuoka-based Watanabe Tekkōjo (Watanabe Steel Foundry), which started building aircraft in 1935. In 1943 the aircraft division was spun off as Kyūshū Hikōki, while the original company was renamed Kyūshū Heiki (Kyūshū Armaments).

After the war, the company was renamed Watanabe Jidōsha Kōgyō (Watanabe Automobile Industries) and manufactured automobile bodies and parts. It was dissolved in 2001.


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