Kuwait men's national ice hockey team

The Kuwaiti national ice hockey team (Arabic: منتخب الكويت لهوكي الجليد) is the national men's ice hockey team of Kuwait. They are controlled by the Kuwait Ice Hockey Association and has been an associate member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).[2] Kuwait is currently not ranked in the IIHF World Rankings and have not entered in any World Championships, but have played in the Challenge Cup of Asia, a regional tournament for lower-tier hockey nations in Asia. They made their debut at the 2018 World Championship Division III Qualification tournament.[3][4]

Nickname(s)الصقور (The Falcons)
AssociationKuwait Ice Hockey Association
General ManagerFuhaid Al-Ajmi
Head coachPavel Arnost
AssistantsBojan Zidarević
CaptainMohamad Al-Ajmi
Most gamesAhmad Al-Ajmi (81)
Most pointsAhmad Al-Ajmi (124)
Team colors              
Current IIHF50 (26 May 2019)[1]
Highest IIHF50 (2018)
First international
Japan  44–1  Kuwait
(Gangneung, South Korea; 30 January 1999)
Biggest win
Kuwait  39–2  India
(Kuwait City, Kuwait; 26 April 2011)
Biggest defeat
Japan  44–1  Kuwait
(Gangneung, South Korea; 30 January 1999)
IIHF World Championships
Appearances2 (first in 2018)
Best result50th (2018)
Asian Winter Games
Appearances4 (first in 1999)
Best result6th (1999)
Arab Cup of Ice Hockey
Appearances1 (first in 2008)
Best result 2nd (2008)
IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia
Appearances8 (first in 2010)
Best result4th (2011, 2012, 2013)
Gulf Ice Hockey Championship
Appearances4 (first in 2010)
Best result 2nd (2010, 2012, 2014)
International record (W–L–T)


In 1985, Kuwait joined the IIHF, but were expelled in 1992 due to lack of activity.[5] In 1999, Kuwait rejoined the IIHF and played their first games at the 1999 Asian Winter Games against Japan, China, and Mongolia, losing all three.[2][6] In 2007, they returned to international play at the 2007 Asian Winter Games where they recorded their first win against Macau.[6] The following year they competed in the Arab Cup finishing second after losing to the United Arab Emirates in the final.[7] In 2010, Kuwait competed in their first Challenge Cup of Asia, finishing seventh overall,[8] but in 2014, finishing 6th overall, losing all five games, and were relegated to Division I. Also they participated in the Kuwaiti organized Gulf Championship, finishing second behind the United Arab Emirates.[9]

Tournament record

World Championships

Year Host Result Pld W OW OL L
1999 through 2017Did not participate
2018 Sarajevo50th place
(4th in Division IIIQ)
2019 Abu Dhabi51st place
(5th in Division IIIQ)

Asian Winter Games

Year Host Result Pld W OW OL L
1999 Gangneung6th place20002
2003 AomoriDid not participate
2007 Changchun7th place42002
2011 Astana11th place
(6th in Premier Division)
Competed as Athletes from Kuwait
2017 Sapporo16th place
(6th in Division II)
Competed as Independent Olympic Athletes

Arab Cup/GCC Gulf Championship

Year Host Result Pld W OW OL L
Arab Cup (2008)
2008 Abu Dhabi 2nd place53011
GCC Gulf Championship (2010–present)
2010 Kuwait City 2nd place32001
2012 Abu Dhabi 2nd place53011
2014 Kuwait City 2nd place53002
2016 Doha 3rd place53002

Challenge Cup of Asia

Year Host Result Pld W OW OL L
2008 through 2009Did not participate
2010 Taipei City7th place621*3
2011 Kuwait City4th place52003
2012 Dehradun4th place62004
2013 Bangkok4th place72005
2014 Abu Dhabi6th place50005
2015 Kuwait City6th place
(1st in Division I)
2016 Abu DhabiDid not participate
2017 Kuwait City6th place
(1st in Division I)
2018 Pasay5th place40013

All-time record against other nations

As of 25 April 2017[6]

 Chinese Taipei41031452
 Hong Kong2002112
 Saudi Arabia1100103
 United Arab Emirates4004617


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