Kuusisto Castle

Kuusisto Castle (Finnish: Kuusiston piispanlinna, Swedish: Kustö biskopsborg) was a medieval episcopal castle on the island of Kuusisto in Kaarina, Finland, near Turku. The castle was probably built in the early 14th century, although the site seems to have been a bishop's residence by the 1290s.

Kuusisto Castle
Kuusiston piispanlinna
Kustö biskopsborg
Kuusisto Castle ruins seen from above.
General information
TypeMedieval castle
LocationKaarina, Finland
AddressLinnanrauniontie 633
FI-21620 Kaarina
Coordinates60°24′28″N 22°28′29″E

The castle was ordered to be demolished during the Protestant Reformation in 1528 by the king Gustav I of Sweden. Excavation and reconstruction work on the remaining ruins began in 1891.


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