Kuhn Island

Kuhn Island (Danish: Kuhn Ø) is a coastal island in Hochstetter Bay, eastern Greenland. There are coal deposits on the island.[2] [3]

Kuhn Island
Kuhn Ø
Depot on Kuhn Island during the German Arctic Expedition of 1869-70
Kuhn Island
LocationGreenland Sea, East Greenland
Coordinates74°53′N 20°15′W
Area634 km2 (245 sq mi)[1]
Highest elevation1,136 m (3,727 ft)
Highest pointSchwarze Wand
ZoneNE Greenland National Park


This island lies to the north of Wollaston Foreland, separated from Thomas Thomsen Land in the mainland by a narrow sound, the Fligely Fjord. The Lindeman Fjord has its mouth to the southwest and the Hochstetter Bay of the Greenland Sea lies to the east. The mouths of Ardencaple Fjord and Grandjean Fjord open to the north.

The islands that are located further off the shore in the bay are Shannon Island to the NE and the Pendulum Islands to the SE.[4]

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