Kreis Kolmar in Posen

The Kreis Kolmar in Posen (as of 1877; 1818–1877 Kreis Chodziesen) was one of several Kreise (English: counties or districts) in the northern government Region of Bromberg, in the Prussian Province of Posen. The district capital was Chodziesen (renamed in 1877 as Kolmar in Posen).


On 1 April 1914 the city of Schneidemühl was disentangled from the district and became an independent city (or urban district; Stadtkreis) within the Bromberg Region.

Geographical features

Netze river... and tributaries, lakes Chodziesen hills...

Table of Standesämter

"Standesamt" is the German name of the local civil registration offices which were established in October 1874 soon after the German Empire was formed. Births, marriages and deaths were recorded. Previously, only the church records were used for Christians.

Standesamt Polish name
Budsin Budzyń
Kolmar Chodzież
Dziembowo Dziembowo
Margonin Margonin
Podanin Podanin
Podstolitz Podstolice
Samotschin Szamocin
Schneidemühl Piła
Usch Ujście
Zachasberg Zacharzyn

Military command

Kreis Kolmar was part of the military command (German: Bezirkskommando) at Schneidemühl, which was the garrison of the 149th Infanterie regiment (6th Westpreußisches) of the 74. Inf. Brigade. Created Mar 31, 1897. Also, since 1913, the home of the 5th Luftschiffer- Bataillon (Zeppelins).

Court system

The main court (German: Landgericht) was in Schneidemühl, with subject courts (German: Amtsgericht) in the district capital Kolmar in Posen and Margonin.

Police districts

Police districts (German: Polizeidistrikt) were administered from the towns of Budsin, Kolmar, Samotschin, Schneidemühl and Usch.

Table of office holders

Name When
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