Kozak (armored personnel carrier)

The Kozak (Ukrainian: Козак, Kozak meaning for Cossack in Ukrainian) is a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier with a V-hull intended to transport personnel and various loads.

BBM Kozak
Nota electronic warfare complex on Kozak-2
TypeArmored personnel carrier
Place of originUkraine
Production history
ManufacturerNPO Practika
Produced2009, 2014-present
Mass5.5 t

176 hp
Speed120 km/h


The first Kozak vehicle first appeared on August 24, 2009 on Independence Day of Ukraine military parade in Kiev[1]

Only two vehicles were made[2] until March 2014.[3]

Third vehicle (also known as "Kozak-2014") was built in November 2014.[4][5] In March 2015 the vehicle was armed with the NSV machine gun[6]

Another variant, the Kozak-2014, was built in 2015 and armed with anti-tank guided missile system. In May 2015 the vehicle was appeared in 169th Training Centre[7]

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry conducted comparative tests of 11 armored vehicles of various manufacturers in early 2016, but only three of them, including the Kozak-2M1, passed the state tests, he said. The trials of the Kozak-2M1 continued from October 2018 to July 2019, during which time the vehicle was tested with over 50 techniques and in a simulated combat environment.[8]

Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak March 21, 2017 signed the decree №158 of the adoption of the Armed Forces of Ukraine armored car “Kozak-2”, which is commercially available in July 2015, and about 100 units have their service to defend the homeland.[9]


  • SRM-1 "Kozak-" (Ukrainian: СРМ-1 "Козак-1") - light armored vehicle based on the Iveco Daily 55S18W 4x4 chassis
  • "Kozak-2" (Ukrainian: "Козак-2") - multipurpose armored vehicle combined durability and high operational payload with dynamic mobility and MRAPs. Based on the 4×4 truck chassis Iveco Eurocargo. [10]
  • "Kozak-2M" - version such as personnel carrier, ambulance, convoy escort or direct combat application (reconnaissance, fire support).[11]
  • "Kozak-4" - armored personnel carrier based on the Iveco Daily chassis
  • "Kozak-5" - Special Operation Vehicle for police and special forces is based on the commercially Ford F550 chassis with the 6.7 L, specially modified by official Ford converter “DBL Design”.[12]



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