Koukourgi is a 1792 French-language comic opera by Luigi Cherubini to a libretto by Mélesville père, which was not performed in Cherubini's lifetime. The music was laid up for nearly forty years till four numbers were re-used in Ali Baba; ou, les Quarante Voleurs of 1833, to a libretto by Mélesville fils, Eugène Scribe, and with additional new music by the then elderly Cherubini.[1][2] The opera was reconstructed and premiered in celebration of the composer's 250th anniversary at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt in 2010.


  • DVD sung in French, with dialogues in German : Stefan Cerny, Cigdem Soyarslan, Leonardo Galeazzi, Daniel Prohaska, Peter Edelmann, Kärtner Sinfonieorchester, Peter Marschik, directed Josef E. Köpplinger. Arthaus Musik, 2010


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