Korea Patrol

Korea Patrol (working title Korean Patrol) is a 1951 war film released by Eagle-Lion Films. Together with Sam Fuller’s The Steel Helmet and Sam Katzman’s A Yank in Korea, it was one of the first Hollywood films exploiting the Korean War.[1]

Korea Patrol
Original film poster
Directed byMax Nosseck
Produced byWalter Shenson
Jack Schwarz
Written byKenneth G. Brown
Walter Shenson
Music byAlexander Gerens
CinematographyElmer Dyer
Distributed byEagle-Lion Films
Release date
January 15, 1951
Running time
59 minutes
CountryUnited States


When notified of the North Korean invasion of South Korea, an American officer assigned to the Republic of Korea Army leads a mixed American and South Korean six man patrol to blow up a strategic bridge to delay the enemy’s advance.


Richard Emory ... Lt. Craig
Sung Li ... Ching
Benson Fong ... Kim
Al Eben ... Sgt. Abrams
Wong Artarne ... 'Murphy'
Danny Davenport ... Cpl. Dykes
Harold Fong ... Lee
Richard Barron ... Maj. Wald


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