Kolowrat Palace

The Kolowrat Palace (Czech: Kolowratský palác) is a Baroque complex of two Gothic buildings, located at Ovocný trh 4 a 6 in the Old Town part of the Prague 1 district in Prague, Czech Republic.

The palace belongs to the Kolowrat family. The family bought the first building in 1670 and the second one in 1697.[1] The original vaults from the early Baroque period are located on the ground floor, and the rooms on the first floor are decorated with Baroque painted-wood ceilings.

Around 1948, the palace was nationalized by the government, but after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, the property was returned to the family. In 1993, Count Jindrich Kolowrat-Krakowsky (1897–1996) rented out the palace to the National Theatre for a symbolic annual amount of one Czech koruna.[2] The attic of the palace now houses the Kolowrat Theatre, one of the venues of the National Theatre.[3]


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