Kokkedal (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʰɒkəˌtæːˀl]) is the municipal seat of Fredensborg Municipality and a northern settlement in the urban area of Hørsholm, located on the coastline of northern Zealand, Denmark, between the two towns, Nivå and Hørsholm, 30 km north of Copenhagen. The settlement is connected with the Oresundtrain towards Helsingør to the north and Copenhagen to the south, with extensions to Malmö and other major cities in southern Sweden.


Kokkedal was previously the seat of Karlebo Kommune until the reform of the Danish Municipalities and Regions in 2007, as a result of the Municipal Reform in 2007 (Kommunalreformen (2007)).


Kokkedal has, like Nivå, a high number of second & third generation immigrants, most of them with Turkish or Arab roots.56% of the population are either immigrants or Danish citizens with immigrant parents and 44% are native Danes.

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