Knesset Channel

The Knesset Channel (Hebrew: ערוץ 99 - ערוץ הכנסת; Arutz Tish'im VeTesha - Arutz HaKnesset, "Channel 99 - Knesset Channel") is a public Israeli terrestrial channel that broadcasts the sessions of the Knesset as well as some other programs concerning the Israeli parliament.

Knesset Channel
TypeTelevision network
AvailabilityIsrael (digital terrestrial broadcast and free satellite transmission, via cable and satellite subscribe)
OwnerSecond News Company
Launch date
3 May 2004
Official website
Knesset Channel

Prior to the establishment of the Knesset Channel in 2004, the Knesset programming were produced by the Israel Broadcasting Authority and were relayed in its Channel 33 (Israel).

It is available via digital terrestrial broadcast and via open satellite. It is also relayed in the TV-subscribing companies: digital cable channel 99, analog cable channel 41, yes channel 99. Satellite reception details:

  • Orbital location: 4°W (AMOS-3 satellite)
  • Central Frequency: 11,625 MHz
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Signal Ratio: 3000
  • FEC: 3/4
  • Azimuth to satellite: 236° (in Israel)
  • Elevation to satellite: 34.1° (in Israel)

It is also available on the internet. The channel is an operated by the "Second News Company."


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