Klostertaler Gscheid

The Klostertaler Gscheid is a 764 m (AA) high mountain pass in southern Lower Austria, which links the Klostertal valley (municipality of Gutenstein) with the valley of the River Voisbach (municipality of Schwarzau im Gebirge). At the summit of the pass is a small chapel. A tarmac state road (Landesstraße) runs over the pass. The road runs from northeast to southwest along the northern slopes of the Schneeberg. Because of the sparse population of the region the pass only is only of local significance. It is not closed in winter.

Klostertaler Gscheid
Klostertaler Gscheid with Chapel
Elevation764 m (2,507 ft)
Traversed byRoad
Coordinates47°48′36″N 15°48′01″E
Klostertaler Gscheid
Location of Klostertaler Gscheid

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