Klampenborg is a northern suburb to Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located in Gentofte Municipality, directly on Øresund, between Taarbæk and Skovshoved. Like other neighbourhoods along the Øresund coast, Klampenborg is an affluent area with many large houses.


Klampenborg is known for a cluster of building projects by the Functionalist Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. These include Bellevue Beach, the Bellavista housing estate and the Bellevue Theatre, all completed between 193236 as some of the earliest Danish examples of Modernism.[1]

Klampenborg is the main gateway to the extensive Jægersborg Deer Park, one of the most popular green areas in greater Copenhagen, known for its large deer population, the Hermitage Royal Hunting Lodge and ancient oak trees.[2] The entrance, one of many, is adjacent to Klampenborg Station and is marked by a red-painted wooden gate. Adjoining the park is the oldest operating amusement park in the world, Dyrehavsbakken,[3] also located near the station.

Also adjacent to Deer Park is Klampenborg Racecourse, which hosts a season of thoroughbred racing over a flat 12-furlong turf course. The full-service racecourse features paddock, grandstand, turf club and parimutuel betting.

Besides park and amusements, Klampenborg consists of residences, mostly single-family houses and large villas, the most notable of which is Hvidøre, former home-in-exile of the Danish-born dowager empress of Russia, Maria Feodorovna.

Architecture, Deer Park, Bakken, thoroughbred racing, white-sand Bellevue Beach, with panoramic view of Øresund and Sweden beyond, and easy access make Klampenborg a popular day-trip destination for locals and visitors.



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