Kingston, Prince Edward Island

Kingston is a municipality that holds community status in Prince Edward Island, Canada.[1] It is located within Queens County to the west of Charlottetown. The community is mainly farms with a small residential area.

Location of Kingston in Prince Edward Island


Local government in Kingston is in the form of a seven-member community council with a chair.[2] The council sits at Cornwall Post Office in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island.

Provincially, the area is covered by the following three districts with a MLA representing each:

At the federal level, it is located within the riding of Charlottetown.


Kingston United Church c. 1863


The main roads in Kingston is Kingston Road (Route 235 (Prince Edward Island)) and Bannockburn Road (Route 247 (Prince Edward Island)) are secondary provincial highways. The closest airport is Charlottetown Airport and there are no railway lines as they are not found in the province.


Noah Woodworth: The King of Kingston


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