King of the Circus

King of the Circus is a 1920 American action film serial directed by J. P. McGowan. The film is considered to be lost.[1]

King of the Circus
Directed byJ. P. McGowan
Written byAnthony Coldeway
StarringEddie Polo
Corrine Porter
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • November 22, 1920 (1920-11-22)
Running time
18 episodes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


  • Eddie Polo as Eddie King
  • Corrine Porter as Helen Howard
  • Kittoria Beveridge as Mary Warren
  • Harry Madison as James Gray
  • Charles Fortune as John Winters
  • J. P. McGowan
  • J.J. Bryson
  • Dorothy Hagan
  • Viola Tasma
  • Tom London (as Leonard Clapham)
  • Jay Marchant
  • Frank Shaw
  • Bruce Randall
  • Jack Newton

Chapter titles

  1. Bloody Money
  2. The Mushroom Bullet
  3. Stolen Evidence
  4. Facing Death
  5. The Black Wallet
  6. The Lion's Claws
  7. Over the City
  8. Treachery
  9. Dynamite
  10. The Mystic Power (aka The Mystic's Power)
  11. Man and Beast
  12. Deep Waters
  13. A Fight for Life
  14. Out of the Clouds
  15. The Woman in Black
  16. The Cradle of Death
  17. The Final Reckoning
  18. The Lost Heritage

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