King County Prosecuting Attorney

The King County Prosecuting Attorney is a non-partisan elected official in King County, Washington. The Prosecuting Attorney leads the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and prosecutes all felonies (as well as all misdemeanors in unincorporated areas) that occur within King County, Washington. Since 2007, the position has been held by Dan Satterberg.

Prosecuting Attorney of King County, Washington
Dan Satterberg

since 2007
Term length4 years

Departmental organization

The Prosecuting Attorney's Office is located in the King County Courthouse (in downtown Seattle, Washington) and consists of 210 deputy prosecuting attorneys and 190 administrative staff members.[1] The Office prosecuted 6,135 felonies in 2012, about 40% of which were violent crimes.[2] Employees are spread across three divisions:

  • Criminal: Appellate Unit, Car Theft Initiative, District Court Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Drug Case Development, Drug Court, Economic Crimes Unit, Involuntary Treatment Act, Juvenile Court Unit, Most Dangerous Offender Project, Records and Information Section, Repeat Burglar Initiative, Sentencing Unit, Sexually Violent Predator Unit, Special Assault Unit, Violent Crimes Unit[3]
  • Civil: serving as chief legal counsel and litigator for the County
  • Family Support: establishes paternity, enforces support obligations, etc.

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