King Arthur: Prince on White Horse

King Arthur: Prince on White Horse, known in Japan as Moero Arthur Hakuba no Ōji (燃えろアーサー 白馬の王子, Moero Āsā Hakuba no Ōji, lit. Burn, Arthur: The Prince of the White Horse), is a Japanese anime series based on the Arthurian legend. It is a sequel to the earlier series King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, reworked in a futuristic setting. Produced by Toei Animation, it was released between April 6 and September 21, 1980 and consisted of 22 half-hour episodes.

King Arthur: Prince on White Horse
燃えろアーサー 白馬の王子
(Moero Āsā Hakuba no Ōji)
Anime television series
StudioToei Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run April 6, 1980 September 21, 1980


The series is in 22 parts and was translated into several languages:

  • King Arthur 2ème série (French)
  • King Arthur: Prince on White Horse (English)
  • La spada di King Arthur (Italian)
  • Prinz Arthus (German)

Japanese cast

Episode titles

  1. 1980-04-06 Frightful! The Spaceship that Hovers in the Sky
  2. 1980-04-13 Shocked! Bear-man Appears
  3. 1980-04-20 Do not Take out the Hand that Holds the Secret Coin
  4. 1980-04-27 Capture the Thief!
  5. 1980-05-04 One Man! Rescue Peet
  6. 1980-05-11 The Magical Flower which Takes Away Lives
  7. 1980-05-25 Defeat the Evil Heir
  8. 1980-06-01 Who is the Imposter!
  9. 1980-06-08 Baseball Relay
  10. 1980-06-15 Ride on, Wild Pony
  11. 1980-06-22 Protect the Princess from the Pirate Ship
  12. 1980-06-29 The Rose Flower which Scatters Love
  13. 1980-07-06 Who? The True Identity of the King from the North
  14. 1980-07-20 Wonderful Comrades
  15. 1980-07-27 Weird! Phantom Princess Ginebia
  16. 1980-08-03 The Dragon that Spurts out Fire and the Youth
  17. 1980-08-10 The Black-Horsed Knight who is Shrouded in Mystery
  18. 1980-08-17 The Shining Fairy Rainbow
  19. 1980-08-24 Appearance of the Phantom Mermaid
  20. 1980-09-07 Spirit of the Tragic Snow Queen
  21. 1980-09-14 Heated Battle! The Last Heir
  22. 1980-09-21 Prince Arthur's Victory

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