Kibar Khalvashi

Kibar Khalvashi (Georgian: ქიბარ ხალვაში; born 20 May 1963) is a Georgian businessman. The previous "Rustavi 2" shareholder now lives abroad in Germany. Khalvashi has been placed in the list of Georgian millionaires.[1] The businessman founded many successful companies in Georgia. He was chosen to be a representative and became an exclusive distributor of Procter & Gamble products as well as the co-founder of Pepsi in Georgia.[2] After Irakli Okruashvili, former defense minister and at the time close friend of Khalvashi, accused Saakashvili of various crimes and formed an opposition party, Khalvashi was seen as a possible funder and supporter [3]. Soon after Okruashvili's arrest, a fire destroyed the factory of the distributing company for Procter & Gamble products, Arti Group [4]. Following this, assets were frozen in Khalvashi's other companies, Priza LTD and International Building Company and were illegally seized.[5]. Khalvashi has three children with wife Nona Khalvashi named Dea, Daya and Mate Khalvashi.[6].


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