KiHa 59 series

The KiHa 59 series (キハ59系) is a former Japanese diesel multiple unit operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) between 1989 and 2010, and by the Philippine National Railways (PNR) on the Metro South Commuter and Isarog Express lines since 2012.

KiHa 59 series
The KiHa 59 series Kogane trainset in 2008
In service
  • 19892010 (Japan)
Constructed1967 (as KiHa 28 intermediate car)
1968 (as KiHa 58 head cars)
Entered service19892010 (JR East)
2012present (PNR)
Refurbishment1989; 2003; 2019
Number built3 vehicles
Number in service3 vehicles (currently used as an inspection vehicle)
Formation3 cars
Line(s) servedPNR Metro South Commuter
PNR Mayon Limited (Isarog Limited Express)
Doors1 sliding door per side per car
Prime mover(s)Komatsu DMF11HZ (250 hp)[1]
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)


The three-car train was converted in November 1989 at JR East's Koriyama Works from former KiHa 58 series diesel cars to become the KiHa 59 series Gracia Joyful Train set for use on special charter services in the Sendai area and north east of Japan.[2] The train was withdrawn in May 2003 and rebuilt to become the Kogane trainset, repainted in a white, gold, and orange livery and re-entering service from July 2003.[2]

The Kogane trainset was withdrawn from service on 26 December 2010,[3] and was subsequently shipped to the Philippines.

In its career under the Philippine National Railways, it served regular and shuttle lines, but its windshields had to be armored with steel meshes to prevent the glass from shattering due to train stoners. The unit underwent general renovation and overhaul in 2019.[4]

On September 20, 2019, the PNR Kogane trainset was used on test run and clearing operations on the Calamba-Los Baños section of the PNR Metro Commuter Line.[5]


The Gracia trainset was formed as follows (1989 - May 2003).[2]

Car No.123
Number KiRo 59-510KiRo 29-506KiRo 59-511
Original number KiHa 58-1038KiHa 28-1505KiHa 58-1039

The Kogane trainset was formed as follows (July 2003 - December 2010).[2]

Car No.123
Number KiHa 59-510KiHa 29-506KiHa 59-511

The Kogane trainset in service with Philippine National Railways is formed as follows.[4]

Number Kiha 59510Kiha 29506Kiha 59511


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