Khyati, a figure in Hindu mythology, is the daughter of the god Daksha (दक्ष) and his consort, Prasuti.

Personal information
SiblingsSvaha, Swadha, Rati, Diti, Aditi, Rohini, Revati and Sati

According to Puranas, Daksha had 24 daughters from his wife Prasuti[1] and another 62 from his wife Panchajani (Virini).[2][3] One of them is Khyati, meaning "celebrity". But the main meaning is "divine light consciousness", as principle associated to the prajapati Bhrigu. Khyati expresses all-round knowledge and the beauty of it, applied as light and action.

She is also married to the sage Bhrigu, and they had two sons named Dhata and Vidhata[4], as well as a daughter named Lakshmi or Shri, who is married to Lord Vishnu (Narayana).

She is the sister to Sati, who is the first consort of Shiva.


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