The khmuoh (Khmer: នឹង​ឃ្មោះ) is a Cambodian flat-faced gong, a percussion instrument beaten with a wooden mallet called "Onlung Kbal Sva".[1] The gong may also be beaten with fists.[2] It is used in the Bassac theater for sound affects or to accompany.[1] It is also used for wedding processions, when the bridegroom goes to the bride's house.[1]

The gong is round and flat-faced, made of a copper-brass alloy.[1] It has hole on the edge, through which a string is tied to make a handle.[1] It is held with one hand and beaten with the mallet. Hitting the gong on the edge produces a different tone (sharp, metallic) than hitting it on the face (softer and more sustained.)[1]


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