Kew International Medal

The Kew International Medal is an award given to individuals who have made a significant contribution to science and conservation.[1] The award was first established in 1992 by the Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.[1]

Kew International Medal
Kew International Medal awarded to Juan Manuel Santos, President Santos of Colombia in 2017 with Richard Deverell and Kathy Willis
Awarded for“significant contributions to science and conservation”[1]
Sponsored byRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Previous award winners[1] include:

Award criteria and nominations

The winner is ratified by the Executive Board and Board of Trustees. Nominations are received from across the organization and a selection panel made up of Kew Trustees and Executive Board Members decides the winner. Criteria the panel benchmark against are:

  • Building a world where plants and fungi are understood, valued and conserved - because our lives depend on them
  • Providing knowledge, inspiration and understanding of why plants and fungi matter to everyone;
  • Helping to solve some of the critical challenges facing humanity including (but not limited to): biodiversity loss, climate change, food security, plant pathogens, fighting disease;
  • Increasing public awareness of the threat to plant and fungal diversity.


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