Kevin Folk

Kevin Folk (born July 26, 1980 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian curler from Kelowna, British Columbia. He previously played third for Jim Cotter.

Kevin Folk
Born (1980-07-26) July 26, 1980
Brier appearances3 (2008, 2011, 2012)
Top CTRS ranking10th (2007–08, 2009–10)
Grand Slam victories0


Folk won the 2000 Canadian Junior Curling Championships playing third for Brad Kuhn. The team then went on to win the 2000 World Junior Curling Championships.

After Juniors, Folk joined with his father, two time Brier and World Champion, Rick Folk's team. He left the team in 2005 to join up with Bob Ursel. Folk qualified for his first Brier in 2008 with Ursel, and the team finished in fourth place, losing the 3-4 game to Glenn Howard of Ontario. Cotter took over the reins as skip of the rink in 2011.

Folk left the team after the 2011-12 season, when he took a job in Calgary.[1]

Personal life

As of 2012, Folk isa senior account manager at RBC Royal Bank. He studied at Okanagan University College.

Folk's parents are former Canadian Mixed champions. Folk's father, Rick Folk, is a two-time Brier and World champion and a former politician, holding a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.


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