Kevin Birr

Kevin Birr (born December 6, 1969 in Mankato, Minnesota, United States) is an American curler.

Kevin Birr
Born (1969-12-06) December 6, 1969
Curling clubCaledonian CC, Mankato, Minnesota
Member Association United States
World Championship
1 (2007)

He is a 2007 World Men's bronze medallist[1] and a 2007 US Men's champion.


1988–89Kevin Birr???USJCC 1989 [2]
2001–02Todd BirrDoug RoyKevin BirrGreg RheaumeUSMCC 2002 (13th)[3]
2003–04Todd BirrPete WestbergKevin BirrGreg RheaumeUSMCC 2004
2004–05Todd BirrPete WestbergKevin BirrGreg Rheaume
2005–06Todd BirrDoug PottingerPete WestbergKevin BirrUSMCC 2006 (4th)
2006–07Todd BirrBill TodhunterGreg JohnsonKevin BirrZach Jacobson
Paul Pustovar
USMCC 2007
WCC 2007
2007–08Todd BirrBill TodhunterGreg JohnsonKevin BirrCCC 2007
USMCC 2008 (8th)
2008–09Todd BirrPaul PustovarGreg WilsonKevin BirrAC 2009
2009–10Todd BirrPaul PustovarTom O'ConnorKevin Birr
2010–11Todd BirrGreg RomaniukDoug PottingerTom O'ConnorKevin BirrUSMCC 2011
2011–12Todd BirrGreg RomaniukDoug PottingerTom O'ConnorKevin BirrUSMCC 2012 (6th)
2012–13Todd BirrDoug PottingerGreg RomaniukTom O'ConnorKevin BirrUSMCC 2013 (9th)
Mixed curling
2000Todd BirrLinda ShimminKevin BirrTracy ChristensenUSMxCC 2000 [4]
2003Todd BirrNicole RheaumeKevin BirrKim RheaumeUSMxCC 2003 [5]

Private life

Kevin Birr resides in St. Peter, Minnesota. He works as Catering manager at Gustavus Adolphus College.

He graduate Minnesota State University, Mankato.

His older brother Todd is a curler too, they played together many years.

He started curling in 1984, when he was 15 years old.


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