Kerr's Miniature Railway

Kerr's Miniature Railway is a 10 14 in (260 mm) gauge railway, a 1/2 mile return ride, adjacent to the East Coast Main Line railway to Aberdeen, in West Links Park Arbroath. It is the oldest miniature railway in Scotland, having first opened for business in 1935. Under its original owner, Matthew Kerr (senior), it was a commercial business but since 1979 when it passed to his son, Matthew Kerr Jnr, it has been run as a non-profit concern.

With the death of Matthew Kerr Jnr, owner of Kerr's Miniature Railway, on 17 April 2006 after a prolonged illness, the future of the railway had been uncertain, however Matthew Kerr's widow and son have continued to run the railway with the help of the volunteers.

The railway has 6 locomotives, two of which are steam and built by Herbert Bullock in the 1930s. The railway also operates 3 miniature vehicles (two buses and a fire engine) which give rides to children along the Arbroath seafront.

Fares are currently £1.50 Adults and £1 Children, with trains running weekends from April to end of September and both Easter and Summer local school holidays from 11am to 4pm.

An extension to the entrance of West Links Park is planned.[1][2]


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