Kentucky–Illinois–Tennessee League

The Kentucky–Illinois–Tennessee League (or KITTY League) was a Class D minor league baseball circuit that went through six different lives. The first KITTY League played from 1903 through 1906. The next one ran from 1910 through 1914. The third try played a single season (1916). The circuit was revived in 1922 and lasted three years. The fifth KITTY League lasted the longest, playing from 1935 through 1955 with a break from 1943 to 1945 due to World War II. The league was also known briefly as the Kentucky–Indiana–Tennessee League, for during this time the league contained teams such as the Evansville Yankees from Evansville, Indiana. Unlike most leagues that were dormant for years in between playing, the KITTY was much the same from 1903 to 1955, through its inactive years. Clifton C. Gosnell was league president in 1906, after which the league stopped playing, and was president in 1910–1911 when play resumed. Then Dr. Frank H. Bassett was league president 1912–1914, 1916, 1922–1924, and 1935–1937, through the active times and the inactive. Hopkinsville, Kentucky was represented for 28 of the 31 active seasons of the KITTY League, while Paducah, Kentucky made it for 23.

League name revived

In 2004, the league was reincarnated as a summer collegiate league called the KIT League. Several of the names of the old Kitty League teams, such as the Fulton Railroaders, Owensboro Oilers, and Union City Greyhounds, were brought back. Although the league maintains a name similar to the previous league, the new KIT League is missing any teams from Illinois and has two teams from Missouri.


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