Kenneth Chan Kai-tai

Kenneth Kai-tai Chan (born 16 July 1964) is a Hong Kong actor and television host for Cable TV Hong Kong channel (previously working for TVB and ATV).

Kenneth Chan
Born (1964-07-16) 16 July 1964
Hong Kong
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese陳啟泰
Simplified Chinese陈启泰


Kenneth Chan is an alumnus of St. Paul's Co-educational College, Fisher Park High School (where he sang in the school choir and performed in school productions such as 'Bye Bye Birdie') and Carleton University[1] in Ottawa, Canada. He used to work at JPMorgan Chase as a Customer Service Supervisor and later joined an advertising company.

In 1990 he joined TVB to be the host of some TVB programmes. At the same time he also played a supporting role in some TV dramas. However, he generally failed to get a leading role in TVB.[2] In 1998, ATV invited Chan to join the network with higher salary.

At ATV, Chan is best known as the host of Baak Maan Fu Yung, the Hong Kong version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show boosted his career. He had also played three different characters in the three seasons of the My Date with a Vampire television series trilogy, in which each character is related by cloning or reincarnation of the original Yamamoto Kazuo in the first series.

In March 2009, ATV did not extend his contract thus Chan left ATV and joined CATV. In 2011, he returned to ATV but due to financial difficulties, ATV stopped producing enough TV programmes which lead to the decision to leave ATV again in 2013. Chan now is contracted with ViuTV.

Personal life

  • He was born in a rich family, living in a flat of Mid-levels. He has three elder brothers.[3]
  • He became a Canadian Citizen since he was two years old.[4]
  • He married a piano teacher in April 1998.[5] The couple has no children and lived in Kwun Tong.


Television series

Year Title Role Network
2018[[:zh:蝕日風暴|Shadow of Justice郭 SirViuTV
2018Plan BViuTV
2011ICAC Investigators 2011
2010The Men of JusticeTong Ka-mingATV
2009Happy Family 2009
開心大發現 2009
Brother Ken
大佬 Ken
Cable Scientific Insepctor
2008Today in Court
2006Central Affairs 2Chai Chun-yu
Hong Kong Special CasesMa Ho-yin
2004My Date with a Vampire III Yuenngan Pat-porATV
2001Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?PresenterATV
2002Project Ji XiangYam Gut-cheungATV
1999My Date with a Vampire II
Yamamoto Katsuo
Flaming Brothers
The Mad Phoenix
Tong Tik-sang
Divine Retribution
Au-yeung Wai-lun
1998My Date with a Vampire
Yamamoto Katsuo
1997Untraceable EvidenceTVB
I Can't Accept CorruptionTVB
The DisappearanceTVB
Time Before TimeTVB
Old Time BuddyTVB
1996Weapons of PowerTVB
1995The Condor Heroes 95Wan Chi-pingTVB
1995Detective Investigation FilesKong Yu Hien
1995Detective Investigation Files IIKong Yu Hien
1994Fate of the ClairvoyantTVB
1993The Vampire ReturnsTVB
1992Angel's CallTVB


Year Title
2009The Past of Hong Kong
2004Final Answer


Awards and achievements
Power Academy Awards
Preceded by
Outstanding Actor in Television
for Project Ji Xiang
Succeeded by
Moses Chan
for Where the Legend Begins
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