Kennedy Trevaskis

Sir Gerald Kennedy Nicholas Trevaskis, KCMG, OBE (1 January 1915 – 14 March 1990), known as Sir Kennedy Trevaskis, was a British colonial official and army officer. He served as High Commissioner of Aden from 1963 to 1965.[1][2]

Trevaskis saw active service during the Second World War as a soldier and then officer in the Northern Rhodesia Regiment. In August 1940, he was captured by the Italian forces while serving in British Somaliland, becoming a prisoner of war (POW). Having been released in 1941, he spent the rest of the war serving with the British Military Administration of Eritrea.[1]

On 10 December 1963, Trevaskis came under attack from the Yemeni National Liberation Front (NLF). A grenade was thrown at his group at Khormaksar Airport: he was among the wounded and two others were killed. This attack triggered the Aden Emergency.[1][3]


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