Kem River

Kem (Russian: Кемь, Finnish: Kemijoki) is a river in Republic of Karelia, Russia. It starts from Lake Lower Kuyto and flows through a number of lakes into the White Sea. There is a cascade of 5 hydroelectric power plants. A town of Kem is located in the mouth of the Kem River. Tributaries: Chirka-Kem, Kepa, Shomba.

Kem River
Physical characteristics
  locationLake Lower Kuyto
  elevation100 m (330 ft)
White Sea
Length91 km (57 mi)
Basin size27,700 km2 (10,700 sq mi)
  average275 m3/s (9,700 cu ft/s)

The Sarki Lawaghar Dam is situated on this river. On August 13, 2016, heavy monsoon rains caused the draining system of the dam to give way.

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