Keepers of the Night

Keepers of the Night (German: Nachtwache) is a 1949 West German drama film directed by Harald Braun and starring Luise Ullrich, Hans Nielsen and René Deltgen.[1]

Keepers of the Night
Directed byHarald Braun
Produced by
Written by
Music byMark Lothar
Edited byFritz Stapenhorst
Distributed bySchorcht Filmverleih
Release date
21 October 1949
Running time
110 minutes

It was made as a partnership between a Göttingen-based company and one located in Munich. Much of the shooting took place in Göttingen. The film's sets were designed by Walter Haag.


  • Luise Ullrich as Cornelie
  • Hans Nielsen as Pfarrer Johannes Heger
  • René Deltgen as Stefan Gorgas
  • Dieter Borsche as Kaplan von Imhoff
  • Angelika Meissner as Lotte Heger
  • Käthe Haack as Oberin von Heiliggeist
  • Gertrud Eysoldt as Schwester Jakobe
  • Annette Schleiermacher as Helferin
  • Nicolas Koline as Karnickelmann
  • Herbert Kroll as Bürgermeister
  • Hans Hermann Schaufuß
  • Marion Gauer
  • Peter Paul
  • Anne-Marie Hanschke
  • Gudrun Rabente
  • Claire Reigbert
  • Sigrid Becker
  • Ingeborg Morawski
  • Ilona Lamée
  • Gabriele Roden
  • Ursula Thiess
  • Charlotte Huhn
  • Otto Brodowski
  • Odo Krohmann
  • Maut Mauthe
  • Hermann Nehlsen


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