Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Kawasaki (川崎市, Kawasaki-shi) is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is the 8th most populated city in Japan (including the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) and one of the main cities forming the Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area.[1]


Kawasaki City


Location of Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture
Coordinates: 35°31′N 139°42′E
PrefectureKanagawa Prefecture
  MayorNorihiko Fukuda
  Total142.70 km2 (55.10 sq mi)
 (April 1, 2017)
  Density10,000/km2 (27,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
- TreeCamellia
- FlowerAzalea
Phone number044-200-2111
Address1 Miyamoto-chō, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken 210-8577

As of October 1, 2017, the city has an estimated population of 1,503,690, with 716,470 households,[2] and a population density of 10,000 persons per km2. Kawasaki is the only city in Japan with more than one million inhabitants that is not a prefectural capital. The total area is 142.70 km2 (55.10 sq mi).


Wards of Kawasaki
Kawasaki has seven wards (ku):

Politics and government

Kawasaki is governed by Mayor Norihiko Fukuda, an independent elected on 27 October 2013.[3] The city assembly has 63 elected members. Mayor Fukuda was re-elected to a second term in office on 22 October 2017.[4][5]


List of Mayor of Kawasaki (from 1924)




  • Kawasaki Stadium: Located in Kawasaki-ku. Opened in 1952, and was used as a home field for professional baseball teams (see below) from 1954 to 1991. The stands were taken down in 2001, and is currently used for American football games and other events in addition to baseball.
  • Kawasaki Todoroki Baseball Stadium: Located in Nakahara-ku. Maximum capacity of 5,000 people. Used for preliminary rounds of high school baseball and American football games.

Field athletics & soccer

  • Todoroki Athletics Stadium: Located in Nakahara-ku. Maximum capacity of 25,000 people. Opened in 1964, the stadium underwent several renovations before becoming the home field for the Kawasaki Frontale. Also used frequently for track & field competitions.

Indoor facilities

  • Kawasaki Prefectural Gymnasium: Located in Kawasaki-ku. Opened in 1956, and is used for Puroresu matches. 20 minutes walking distance from Kawasaki Station's east entrance.
  • Kawasaki Todoroki Arena: Located in Nakahara-ku. International field athletics and volleyball matches are held here, in addition to various musical concerts.

Cycling & horseracing


Fujitsu's Main Branch is located in Nakahara-ku.[8] It was formerly Fujitsu's headquarters.[9]

Kawasaki has several factories and development bases of the companies of heavy industry (e.g., JFE Group, Nippon Oil Corporation) and high technology (Fujitsu, NEC Corporation, Toshiba, Dell Japan and Sigma Corporation[10]).


Railway stations

East Japan Railway Company
Tōkaidō Main Line
Keihin-Tōhoku Line
  • - Kawasaki -
Nambu Line
Tsurumi Line
Yokosuka Line, Shōnan-Shinjuku Line
Odakyu Electric Railway
Odakyū Line
Tama Line
Keio Corporation
Sagamihara Line
Keikyu Corporation
Keikyū Main Line
Daishi Line
Tokyu Corporation
Tōyoko Line
Meguro Line
  • - Shin-Maruko - Musashi-Kosugi - Motosumiyoshi -
Den-en-toshi Line
Ōimachi Line
  • - Futako-Shinchi - Takatsu - Mizonokuchi


  • Tōmei Expressway is a north-south expressway running from Tokyo to Nagoya and in central area. Tōmei-Kawasaki Interchange is served from Kawasaki.
  • Daisan Keihin Road is a north-south expressway running from Tokyo to Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama and in central area. Keihin-Kawasaki Interchange is served from Kawasaki.
  • Shuto Expressway Route K1 (Yokohane Route) is a north-south expressway running from Shuto Expressway Route 1 to Shuto Expressway Route K3 (Kariba Route) and in southern area. Daishi Interchange, Hama-Kawasaki Interchange, and Asada Interchange are served from Kawasaki.
  • Bayshore Route is a north-south expressway running from Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama to Ichikawa, Chiba and in southern area. Ukishima Interchange and Higashi-Ōgishima Interchange are served from Kawasaki.
  • Shuto Expressway Route K6 (Kawasaki Route) is an expressway in southern area. Daishi Interchange, Tonomachi Interchange, and Ukishima Interchange are served from Kawasaki.
  • Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is an expressway across Tokyo Bay from Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki to Kisarazu, Chiba. Ukishima Interchange is served from Kawasaki.
National Route

Places of interest

Kawasaki Daishi
The Fujiko・F・Fujio Museum

International relations

Twin cities

Kawasaki is twinned with the following cities in Japan and worldwide across the world and on the entire Earth.

Domestic Friendship Cities


Friendship ports

  • Da Nang, Vietnam, since January 24, 1994


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