Katoomba Christian Convention

Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC) is an interdenominational ministry providing evangelical Bible preaching to Christians. Conventions are held in KCC's 2300 seat auditorium at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains approximately 100 km (62 mi) west of the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia.

At present there are six conventions (many of them run over 2–3 identical weekends).

The site also hosts the annual CMS Summer School, organised by the Church Missionary Society which draws close to 3000 people a day during the first week of January.


There are multiple conventions including Onward (High Schoolers, Young Adults and Adults), Oxygen (Christian Leaders), NextGen (Rising Youth and Children's Ministry Leaders), One Love (Women's Conference), Basecamp (Men's Conference), KYCK (high schoolers) and KEC (all ages).

Onward is a new conference across two days; its purpose is to directly address some of the pressing cultural issues facing Christians today.[1]

Oxygen is an international gathering of Christian leaders for refreshment and encouragement.

NextGen equips youth, children's and potential "rising" ministry leaders for a lifetime of ministry.[2] One Love is a one-day conference to inspire women through preaching, testimony and fellowship.[3]

Basecamp was a rest stop for men to meet together to hear from God and renew their strength.[4]

KYCK is a three-day convention for high schoolers to grow in their faith together. It runs across 3 days and is repeated over 3 massive weekends with around 2000 teenagers attending each weekend.[5]

KEC (Katoomba Easter Convention) is a weekend of refreshment for the whole family. Includes children's programs.

It is currently directed by Jonathan Dykes.

List of previous conventions

Previous conventions have included City Youth Convention (CYC), KYC express, October Katoomba Convention (OKC) and Katoomba Convention Plus (KC+). KCC was the organisation behind the sell out event at the Sydney Entertainment Centre—Burn Your Plastic Jesus and has organised Pastor's Convention with Matt Chandler.

In 2011 KCC ran one of the biggest conventions for Christian leaders ever held in Sydney, Oxygen. Leaders were refreshed in their ministry by the preaching of John Piper & John Lennox. Oxygen was followed by One, a sell-out event at the Sydney Entertainment Centre where John Piper and John Lennox preached to nearly 10,000 people.


Next generation 2013 [6] Stand Firm, Hold Fast
  1. 14–18 January 2013
  2. 21–25 January 2013
Carl Matthei, Jeff Read, Rowan Kemp and Angelo Gratsounas
kyck 2014 [7] the narrow road
  1. 11–13 April 2014
  2. 25–27 April 2014
  3. 2–4 May 2014
Sam Low and Damien Whitington
MKC 2013 [8] Follow Me: Men of Jesus
  1. 22–23 February 2013
  2. 1–2 March 2013
  3. 8–9 March 2013
Chris Wright and Leon Stead
KEC 2013 [9]
  1. 29 March – 1 April 2013
Peter Jensen, Kirk Patston and David James
KYCK 2013 Life Laid Down
  1. 12–14 April 2013
  2. 19–21 April 2013
  3. 26–28 April 2013

Dave Miers and Jeremy Dunne

Engage 2012 [10]
  1. 17–19 August 2012
  2. 24–28 August 2012

Richard Coekin and Paul Dale

WKC 2012 [11] Fueled by Desire
  1. 8–9 September 2012
Sarie King and Ruth Muffett


The first Katoomba Christian Convention was held in 1903. A history of the ministry was published to coincide with its centenary under the title "A Century Preaching Christ".

List of Convention chairmen

  • David Cook
  • Phillip Jensen
  • Alan Stewart
  • Phil Wheeler (current chairman)


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