Katherine Clifton, 2nd Baroness Clifton

Katherine Clifton, 2nd Baroness Clifton (c. 1592 buried 17 September 1637), was an English-born Scottish peer (later known as the Countess of March, then Duchess of Lennox and then Countess of Abercorn).

Birth and origins

Katherine was born about 1592, in England, as daughter of Gervase Clifton and his wife, Katherine Darcy. Her father was a knight and would become the 1st Baron Clifton of Leighton Bromswold in Huntingdonshire, England.[1] Her mother was only child and heiress of Sir Henry Darcy. Her parents married in June 1591.[2] Her brother died in 1602 and she became the only surviving child of her parents.

Her father is made a baron by writ

On 9 July 1608 her father was summoned to Parliament by writ,[1] which implicitly elevated him to a baron. Such baronies by writ had a succession in which a daughter could succeed in absence of a son.

First marriage

Katherine Clifton married twice. In 1609, when she was about 17, she married her first husband, Lord Esmé Stewart, a younger son of The 1st Duke of Lennox in Scotland.[3][4] In 1619, he was created Earl of March. They had eleven children:

  1. Elizabeth (1610–1674), who married Henry Howard, 22nd Earl of Arundel;
  2. James (1612–1655), who became the 4th Duke of Lennox;
  3. Lady Anne Stewart (1614–1646), who married Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus;
  4. Henry (1616–1632), who became the 8th Seigneur d'Aubigny;
  5. Francis (1616–1617);
  6. Lady Frances (1617–1694), who married Jerome Weston, 2nd Earl of Portland;
  7. Margaret (1618–1618), who died young;
  8. George (1618–1642), who became the 9th Seigneur d'Aubigny;
  9. Ludovic (1619–1665), who became the 10th Seigneur d'Aubigny;
  10. Lord John (1621–1644); and
  11. Lord Bernard (1623–1645).

In 1624 his brother, 2nd Duke, died without legitimate heirs, her husband became Duke of Lennox[5] and she became duchess. However, his ducal reign lasted less than a year. He died on 30 July 1624[6] and was succeeded by their eldest son James.

Father's death and succession

In 1618, when she was about 26, her father died committing suicide by "ennui". Being her father's only surviving child, she inherited her father's title and thus became Baroness Clifton in her own right (suo jure).

Second marriage

In about 1627 she remarried taking as her second husband, The 2nd Earl of Abercorn.[7]

They had three children:

  1. James (c. 1635 – before 1670), who was known as Lord Paisley and predeceased his father;
  2. William (died before 1670), who became a colonel and predeceased his father; and
  3. George (c. 1636 – before 1683), who became the 3rd Earl of Abercorn.


Her husband was Catholic and she also practiced that religion. However, the church of Scotland was Presbyterian and persecuted Catholics. On 3 February 1628 she was excommunicated by the Synod of Paisley.[8]


She died in 1637 in Scotland.[9] Having been a Catholic, she was buried without ceremony. Her title passed to her eldest son James.


01592, aboutBorn.
171609Married Lord Esmé Stewart.
321624, 30 Jul.First husband died.
341627, about[lower-alpha 1]Marries James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Abercorn.[4]
361628, 3 Feb.Excommunicated by the Church of Scotland.[8]
451637, aboutDied.

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Peerage of England
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