Katharyn Powers

Katharyn Michaelian Powers was a writer for several television series from the 1970s through the 1990s. Among the series she has written episodes for include Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, Airwolf and Stargate SG-1. She was the story editor for Falcon Crest, Fantasy Island and The Fitzpatricks. She was "executive story consultant" for Stargate SG-1 during its first season.

Personal life

Katharyn Powers was born as Lorna Theresa Patton in Los Angeles, California in 1943. Her mother, Miriam Aulman, was sixteen years old; her father is still unknown. She graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1960, and went on to study theatre with television actor Bert Holland[1] at Santa Monica College. In 1962, she married stage actor Terry Boole. The two had one daughter, Alexandra Powers, in 1967, but divorced shortly thereafter. In 1969, she married Michael Michaelian.[2] The two had one daughter, Nicole Powers (Nicole Montgomery), in 1970. In 1979, she married actor and model Dana Reno Andrews after having divorced Michaelian. The two had one daughter, Sterling Powers,[3] in 1979, and wrote one episode of The Fitzpatricks together before divorcing in 1984. She is now retired, and spends most of her time researching metaphysics.[4]

List of episodes written by Powers


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