Katharine Blake (actress)

Katharine Blake (11 September 1921 – 1 March 1991) was a South African-born British actress, with an extensive career in television and movies. She was married to director Charles Jarrott.[1] She had two daughters, each by different fathers, Jenny Kastner (Nee Jacobs), with her first husband, actor Anthony Jacobs (father of Martin Jameson, Matthew Jacobs and Amanda Jacobs), and Lindy Greene, with her second husband, actor/director David Greene. She was estranged from both daughters at the time of her death.

In 1969/1970 she played the character Chris Nourse in first an episode of Public Eye and then Armchair Theatre; one of the first lesbian love affairs to be seen on UK television.[2] Blake replaced Googie Withers as the Prison Governor in the ITV series Within These Walls in 1977, but only appeared in one season, leaving the role due to ill health. Katharine Blake is the maternal great-grandmother of American singer Lil Peep. She died long before he was born, and had no relationship with her daughter and her daughter's family. (reference Jenny Kastner, eldest daughter of Katharine Blake)

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