Kasumigaseki (霞が関, 霞ヶ関 or 霞ケ関) is a district in Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is the location of most of Japan's cabinet ministry offices. The name is often used as a metonym for the Japanese government bureaucracy, as opposed to Nagatachō, which refers to the elected government or the legislative branch. Kasumigaseki Station was one of the stations affected during the Tokyo subway sarin attack.

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Japan Post Holdings has its headquarters in Kasumigaseki.[7] Tokuyama Corporation has its headquarters in Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Tower and PricewaterhouseCoopers has offices on the 15th floor of the Kasumigaseki Building.[8][9] Also in the Kasumigaseki Building has its headquarters the Lixil Group Corporation.[10]

At different points of time All Nippon Airways and Mitsui Chemicals had their headquarters in the Kasumigaseki Building.[11][12] In July 1978, when Nippon Cargo Airlines first began, it operated within a single room inside All Nippon Airways's space in the Kasumigaseki Building.[13]

At one time Cantor Fitzgerald had an office in the Toranomon Mitsui Building in Kasumigaseki.[14]


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